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Who's on the Growth Partners Team?

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Steve Bambury

Business Growth Strategist

Growth Partners

Mal Jack

Business Growth Strategist

Growth Partners

Keitha Smith

Product Development

Growth Partners

Gerry van der Merwe

Industrial Psychologist

Growth Partners

Rob Rogers

Co-Founder of Centrality

CFO - Soft Tech Group

Nigel Lawry

Digital Innovation

Co-Founder Black Pearl Mail

Steve Gadsby

Innovation Strategies

Founder Kaos & Kalm

Jason Dinan

Sales Strategy

Founder ECC

Randal Dobbs

Marketing & Communication

Framework Marketing

Ricky Jack

Marketing Strategist

CEO VYNE Digital

Our programme has been tailored to deliver an actionable solution for your COVID-19 disruption.

Our group of experienced New Zealand business professionals are ready to support your business through this unique event.

You have fewer than 100 full time employees. You are GST registered and you have been assessed by the Regional Business Partner Advisor and been approved for the funding.



You will be given instructions to register on the Regional Business Partners Platform to create your business profile.


You will receive an online questionnaire to complete prior to your interactive sessions with your coaches.


The focus of the video call is to extend your capability to manage the affects of COVID-19. We will assist you to identify opportunities to focus on as the alert levels change.

How Does It Work?

There is high demand for this funding and the application process may take up to 5 business days to complete. Register your interest above.

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Owen Wong

Finance & Cashflow

Bentleys Chartered Accountant

Tim Jones

Growth Strategist

The Grow Good Guy

Daniel Baird

Digital Marketing Enablement

The Recipe Ltd

Cathy Mellett

SEO, Website, Digital

Net Branding

Caitlin Barham

Digital & Graphic Design

Ian Mellett

Commercial, Property and 


Grant Hewson

Systems, Cash Management

Accomplish Cash Management

Brad Davison


Growth Partners

Zac Bruce

Technical Implementation


Leigh Gray

Digital Marketing & Web Development

Happy Monday

Sarah Ferguson

Marketing & E-Commerce

Heart Of Kapiti

Our accelerated training will extend your capability to deal with this crisis by assisting you with targeted support in the areas of business continuity, employee relations and legal, financial and cashflow management, health and wellness, marketing support and digital enablement.

How much? Our Covid-19 support programmes start from as little as $2,000 and we find that in many cases the investment can be covered by various grants, donations and pay it forward eco-systems.

To find out more, click on Get Started and one of our team will be in touch

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“We find the support very practical, realistic and achievable focusing on the current continuity of our business through these difficult times.”

“Growth Partners were very professional in their approach, demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges my business currently faces and came forward with some valuable information and guidance to address many of these challenges, all in a timely manner.”

“Very professional and concise. I came away with actionable steps and not just more ideas!”

"Thank you very much for your recent help to gain 'COVID-19 support' working with one of your providers, Growth Partners. Their recommendations regarding business continuity, finance and cash flow have been invaluable. This has given me the confidence to pivot and employ new growth strategies, in particular, to take greater advantage of digital opportunities for my business. I found Growth Partners to be professional, thorough, informative and engaging and recommend them highly"


Clinton Cardozo

Solta Digital

Digital Enablement

Mark Povey

Solta Digital

Digital Enablement

Nick Povey

Solta Digital

Digital Enablement

Jay Changlani

Orb 360

Cash flow, Financial Management

Nigel Nguyen

Solta Digital

Digital Enablement